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— Haebangchon is a crime drama with an ensemble cast set a midst a mafia takeover of the small foreigner town. It features multiple characters on both sides of the conflict who are faced with their own personal needs for freedom that culminates into the larger story (similar to the movies 'Crash' and 'Go'). One of the subplots include the Mafia's extortion of a foreigner named Q (Kahlid Tapia) who is forced to sell a large amount of marijuana in order to leave with his life, the problem is, he's not a very good drug dealer and he loses the weed. Another one hinges on the mafia's slavery of one of its henchmen Ji (Jennifer Yun). Ji pledged her life to the mafia in exchange for her fathers, she wants nothing more than to pay off her debt and return to being a full time mother. Mr. Yu, the clan leader, wants to take Haebangchon as a new means of income for his family before he retires release Date: 2015 Runtime: 99 M Timothy Chang Tomatometers: 5,9 of 10 Stars Read more

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— Catherine Marchal info Jo gets out of prison after 15 years after a big heist, and most is changed in his old neighborhood. New gangs and different lives. He's even got a son, which he didn't know about. He is back, and that stirs up the neighborhood directed by Alain Minier runtime 88 min country France Read more

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— 2018. abstract=In a suburb neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, an old sport complex was occupied by a group of women workers in the informal economy. Under the threat of eviction, the occupants face the conflict between maintaining ties to the past and adapting to new values. Short. 20min Read more

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— directed by=Ben Proudfoot; Scores=23 Votes; Side-by-side letterpress and paper shops in Los Angeles struggle to survive in the modern world; country=USA Read more

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Average Rating: 7,7 / 10
Year: 2015
Brief: A retrospective documentary, speaking with the creators of Hotline Miami and industry insiders to get the inside story about the game's unexpected success
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casts - Ron Jeremy, Jeremy James Douglas Norton Director - Chuck Norfolk runtime - 1 Hour 30 minutes genre - Horror Two goofy hick brothers (Elvis and Aaron), their crazy redneck Momma and sexy sister (Prissy) must exorcise their mobile home of an ancient demon set free to fulfill the 2012 prophecy, with the help of a low rent TV evangelist named Reverend Wiggems, or the world will end. A Raunchy redneck comedy/horror Read more

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— 8 of 10 Writed by=Sanjay Patel, Sanjay Patel score=1472 Vote 106minute Sanjay Patel Read more

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  1. Release Date: 2014
  2. 7,3 / 10
  3. Country: Germany
  4. Audience score: 49 Votes
  5. Creators: Marco Wilms
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— Romance
countries - USA
Directed by - Bill Plympton
synopsis - Cheatin' is a movie starring Sophia Takal, Jeremy Baumann, and Alex Markowitz. In a fateful bumper car collision, Jake and Ella meet and become the most loving couple in the long history of romance. But when a scheming "other" woman
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Directed by: Auberi Edler



country: France

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Countries USA

Richard Andrew Grove

genre Documentary

State of Mind: The Psychology of Control is a movie starring Lisa Arbercheski, Kaye Beach, and G. Edward Griffin. Are we controlled? To what extent and by whom? What does it mean for humanity's future? The enormous implications of

stars G. Edward Griffin, Kaye Beach

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— Directed by - Gillian Wallace Horvat; release Date - 2018; USA Read more

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— creator: Neil Chase; Countries: Canada; Genres: Drama; stars: Fulvio Cecere, Corey Loranger; Duration: 88 M Read more

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— Aaron Sterns. Greg McLean. 6,2 / 10. countries - Australia. Genre - Action Read more