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The Angry Gardener



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Well that certainly took the piss out of my expectations that this might be good. Oh look, another terrible, forgettable movie that everyone will forget about in a few months. Saw this film in Hollywood at the Arc Light two nights ago with all of you - I am still moved by the movie. 100 points for Slytherin ! Always <3. Re: Should be Reissued: Trump personifies Chance It's not an exact parallel, but I do see one important similarity. It seems to me that Donald Trump gained as much popularity and success as he did because almost anything he said or did was immediately re-interpreted by his listeners. Early in his campaign, his supporters stopped cheering for what he promised to do, and began cheering for what they felt it meant. White supremacists saw him as an opportunity to have one of their own in power. Working class people saw him as someone who championed their neglected concerns. Americans who felt the government was out of touch with them, saw Trump as an outsider who would clean up political corruption. And so forth, every faction seeing and hearing what they wanted to. I've heard interviews with some of his supporters who raved about his promise to expel certain racial groups from the U.S., and how that would logically lead to cracking down on minorities; and with other supporters, who laughed and said that of course he would never do such an awful thing, and didn't intend to. They listened to the same speech, but heard completely different messages. It seemed to be the same all around. Just like Chance, Donald Trump was a blank canvas on which everyone applied what they expected, or what they wanted. He would say outrageous things sometimes, or ridiculous things, or even patently untrue things, and voters would hear something seemingly unrelated to his actual words. It worked, but what happens next? He's been elected now, and even his supporters still don't agree on what he can be expected to do. What would happen if Chance were elected president.

I clicked this link thinking it was a pot head movie, my bad. How to attract earthworms. She like a old rose.

Great casting! Kate, Rickman, Tucci. Worth the watch just because of them


They should make a game out of this. My reaction to this trailer 1:59. nah jk this actually looks pretty good. Can't wait for it. Well that's a movie I didn't know that was coming out. I only watched this for Michael Jackson😂💙. Bomb's Mom: Your still grounded. Bomb: Am a adult mom! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣. 2016: Bad 2019: Ice Ice Baby Songs From Legendary Artist. 😄😊 And Yes, I'm Here Again From The Trailer AB2. Amazing movie. The first movie was surprisingly good. So the red bird thinks that just because a few of the Pigs are bad, they should all be shipped back? Have a heart, most of the pigs are women and children! Plus, the cheap labor will be good for the bird's economy.

When I watched it, I loved it. Oh shit! they have arms and legs + they can talk.