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Both of those movies have corresponding making of documentaries which pretty much dispel any rumor that they're real. @Concretshky you're right, however 3G1H I believe was only meant to marketed to 1 person who was willing to pay for it. Please correct me if I'm wrong though.


ผมโครตชอบพี่เลยว่ะ5555. These type of films remind me of man bites dog which is a film that I think doesn't get enough killer in this film does seem a little unconvincing but the film does look a little interesting if like some other similar ones. Cheers man. Where can I see this documentry.

Nicholas Berg execution. ทีแรกเห็นชื่อและรูปหน้าคลิปก็นึกว่าแบบเหล็กเสียบท้องคนจริง คนตายจริงเงี้ยแต่พอมาดูอื้อหือรู้เลย😑. Anyone know the name of Marrie Anne. One more thing, has someone of you seen the underground Argentinian movie Snuff 102. The thing that choked her looked real enough but when he hit her with it it sounded like metal hitting metal if it were Hitting her it would sound wetter and disgusting.

And one more thing, read this, before your saying, you've seen it. The most common definition of a snuff film is of a motion picture showing the actual murder of a human being that is produced, perpetrated, and distributed solely for the purpose of profit.







The Cohasset Snuff Film: A documentary-style look into the mind of a. Collin finishes his first monolog by saying that those who can watch his. In 2009, the small town of Cohasset, Massachusetts was rocked with tragedy. More Like This. Snuff 102 The Great American Snuff Film A Perfect Child of Satan. and if you are into being scared out of your wits, then watch this film. The Cohasset Snuff Film (2012. Rotten Tomatoes. Snuff film. The Cohasset Snuff Film Fan Page - Home, Facebook. Director Edward Payson's found footage-style horror film purports to showcase the murderous exploits of psychotic. Where to watch. There are no featured audience reviews for The Cohasset Snuff Film at this time.

The Cohasset Snuff Film Fan Page - Posts, Facebook. The Cohasset Snuff Film - Official Trailer.