Published on January 17, 2020, 6:02 pm — Short

Camera Trap



I tried unsuccessfully to find a release date and a theater so I can go see this. Never have I had so much trouble searching to find a movie. What gives? Guess Ill keep trying because Amber Midthunder is awesome. What a treat. No bigfoot stories. Thanks. Very educational.


No thanks to AIRBNB.


Wanna know how to make a villain truly terrifying? Give him a derp face, of course! Screw guys with blank, pale, eerie, emotionless masks, or burned guys with sadistic smiles, because this is the future of horror filmmaking. Want to see deer feasting on expensive flowers, shrubs and garden set up your camera in my (in- town) back yard. Just to clarify, deer don't graze. they brouse. Darth Voyeur. What camera were you using. Ending was trash. Trolls are out. Another zero video. My only complaint is the music people feel they have to add to these great videos. The music is annoying and interferes with the actual sound of at the location being filmed.

What does he want to do with her panties at 1:21. Like close your mouth dude. The reason most animals don't talk out loud is they are thinking in pictures all the time.  If they start to make outer noises it is because it is a warning to humans.  If you go out of body astral projection the wolves will talk to you.  Yes you are just a soul without a body they feel no threat.  But they talk a lot about the latest fight who is in charge and what they like to eat etc.  I found this out by accident.  I was following a lost boy scout out of body from another state and the wolf got close to the boy and walked on the night before I got there so I turned back time (something your soul can do when not attached to a body) and I asked this older wolf why he didn't eat the boy.  He said the boy smells funny.  I think it was soap and pesticides.  And he said he liked deer instead and he kept talking about wars and fights and he used to be head dog and then he lost a fight to a younger male and this young male is crazy according to him.  He actually told me he wouldn't eat the boy but. the pack was coming there tonight and he can promise he as no authority anymore as an outer guard dog he can't stop them from eating the boy.  I though HOLY SHIT got to get rescue workers here TODAY.  Yes the boy was rescued that day about 2 hours later.  But it was interesting.  Some animals not just dogs will talk to humans when they don't feel threatened when you listen and when you respect them.  They do it in pictures and sort of thoughts memories they just give you. Interesting the world of animals is so interesting.  I track terrorists around the world without leaving my home.  I just think that animals are interesting they are a lot smarter then a lot of crazy people on this planet.

Nice trail cam. but why do you uploaders always need to have some irritating background 'music. couldn't hear the camera gear noises for the damn.





Nothing mysterious about it. What Mysteries? Click bait. Camera trapping pdf.


Camera trap videos. Thank you, Mark. I enjoyed it a lot, especially your enthusiasm for it. Camera traps. Camera trapping definition. Whatever makes you sleep at night... Camera trap population. This is animal abuse, imo.




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Jan 26, 2019 hey guys, hows you all doing, neeraj sharma this side, and i welcomes you to my brand new post. today i have bought some very cool stuff for you, well i am giving you 120+ camera raw presets. in this artical you can download some very professional camera raw presets and guess what, all these presets are free camera raw presets. Camera Trap See who's got your phone or tablet. Now you'll know if an annoying brother—or master thief—tries snooping on your phone or tablet. When anyone fails 3 times to unlock your device, Camera Trap will take a secret photo of them and then email that.